The MRM Workers’ Compensation Pooled Trust (MRM Trust) and Property & Liability Trust (PLT) returned a total of $10,039,405 in dividends to their respective members at their Annual Meetings held April 5th & 6th, 2018, at Seven Springs.

The total amount of financial dividends returned to municipal members from MRM Programs to-date is over $129 million.

The MRM Trust paid its twenty-second consecutive dividend in the amount of $7,072,540. Twenty-nine members received the maximum dividend equal to their current PY 2018 (current) premium. PLT paid its tenth Combined Self-Insured Retention (SIR) dividend of $2,966,865. Forty-four members received the maximum CAP II dividend (limited to 80% of their PY 2016 premium).

The funds of the MRM Trusts belong to their members. Excess funds are returned directly to the members in the form of financial dividends, which can be used to help balance budgets, fund special projects, purchase new equipment, avoid tax increases or reduce the cost of municipal insurance programs.