late 1970s

  • The market for workers’ compensation coverage for local government was extremely limited and dominated by a single insurer.
  • Lack of competition resulted in high rates and limited service.
  • MRM was established to provide an alternative.

early 1980s

  • MRM began operations as a Safety Group program that utilized an insurer to issue policies to the members. At the end of the policy period, the insurer issued a single dividend payable to MRM who would then pay dividends to its members, based on the individual experience of each member.
  • This continued for 11 years, paying back millions of dollars to the members.


  • Members of the MRM workers compensation Safety Group program approached the organization about the possibility of a companion program for General Liability, Auto Liability, Auto Physical Damage and Property coverage.


  • The separate and fully-insured Municipal Risk Property & Liability Program (MRPC) began operations. Like the workers’ compensation program of that era, the MRPC program was fully insured using an insurance company.
  • Also the same: the insurance carrier would pay dividends to MRPC, who in turn distributed those dividends to the program members based on individual loss experience.

early 1990s

  • In late 1991, MRM was advised by the Commonwealth of PA’s Department of Labor & Industry that legislation was being enacted that would allow self-insurance pooling for workers compensation.
  • In 1992 the MRM Workers’ Compensation Pooled Trust (MRMWCPT) began operations as a fully self-insured pool.

mid 1990s

  • MRM began offering workers compensation coverage in all regions of PA in cooperation with the PA State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) & the PA Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA).


  • It was determined by the MRPC Board that an assumption of some risk was possible, with an attendant savings in overhead.
  • The program evolved into a self-insurance pool – the MRM Property & Liability Trust (MRMPLT)

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