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Municipal Risk Management, Inc. (MRM) is a non-profit organization providing cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions that address the unique exposures faced by local governments.

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Our customized programs offer protection, risk management services, specialized education and expert guidance.

Unlike traditional insurance options, the MRM Trusts are self-insurance programs that pool member resources in order to provide stable, affordable and customized coverage. Our comprehensive programs, services and resources help members reduce risk and work safely.

As part of a member-owned Trust, you have influence over the programs and services, share a common goal with other members, and have the potential to receive financial benefits.




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40 years of impact
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40 Years of Impact

MRM was formed in 1982 as an alternative to worker’s compensation insurance for Pennsylvania local governments — which included a financial incentive for successfully implementing safety elements. Over the years, MRM has grown and is now the parent corporation for both the MRM Workers’ Compensation Pooled Trust and the MRM Property & Liability Trust.

2022 marks MRM’s 40th anniversary of serving and strengthening hundreds of municipal entities across Pennsylvania. Backed by our experienced team, we are dedicated to representing the interests of our members, their employees, and the communities they serve.

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We are more than insurance.

MRM has a history of building long-term partnerships that foster mutual respect and a shared commitment to best practices and innovative risk management solutions. Find out how our service sets us apart.

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