Workers’ Compensation Claims Information

  • Complete the Employers’ Report of Occupational Injury form and fax or email to MRM Claims as soon as possible. Include the start time, time of injury, date the disability began and the return to work date.
  • All medical reports and/or work status slips received for the injury should be sent to MRM upon receipt via fax or email.
  • Provide the injured employee with the AWPRx information – the prescription program provided to injured workers under Workers’ Compensation.
  • Panel of Physicians – If you have a panel of physicians, the injured worker is required to treat with a panel physician for the first 90 days of treatment. After the 90 days expire, he/she is able to treat with any physician of their choice. If you do not have a panel and would like to put one into place, please contact us and we will assist you with contacting a medical case manager to put the panel together.
  • Lost Time Claims – Wage information will be requested for lost time claims. Wages requested will include all wages paid 1 year prior to the date of injury. MRM will provide our members with the form for completion and return to us for processing.
  • Workers’ Compensation Bureau – It is very important to notify MRM claims of the date that an injured worker returns to work so we may file the appropriate documentation with the Workers’ Compensation Bureau to stop the benefit checks. MRM will file the documentation on our members’ behalf.


Claims Adjusters

Donna Cox-Bird · 724-934-1597

Meghan Bright-Graham · 724-934-1598

Rochelle Johnson · 724-934-1596

fax · 724-934-1609

email ·


Please contact the claims department of HDH/Hub International,
including critical claims that may occur outside normal business hours.

phone · 800-434-7760