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As an MRM member, you have a personal representative to help manage the claims process and guide you through your claim’s resolution. If your claim escalates, we will provide legal services, including assigning an experienced attorney.

Fax or Email WC Forms & Reports to:


Direct Claims Questions to:

724-934-9797, Option #1

Mail Medical Bills to:

MRM Trust, 1735 East Carson Street, Box 401, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Claims Adjustors

Donna Cox-Bird

Rochelle Johnson

Kathleen Martin

FAQs for Workers’ Compensation Claims

General Questions

How do I submit a new Workers’ Compensation Claim?2022-06-08T14:34:09-04:00

Read over the document Information on Filing a New Workers’ Compensation Claim and then complete and submit the Employers Report of Occupational Injury in its entirety and submit form to the Claims Department via email to or fax to 724-934-1609. When sending a new claim, please include whether or not the employee is currently working.

What should an employee take to every doctor’s appointment?2022-06-08T14:35:18-04:00

Please advise all injured employees to request Work Status in writing at every doctor’s visit. See the Physician Update form — we recommend providing this form to an injured employee and have them take it with them to every doctor’s appointment. Any medical reports and work status slips should be emailed or faxed to the Claims Department immediately upon receipt.

What do I need to do when an injured worker returns to work?2022-06-08T14:36:33-04:00

It is very important to notify the adjusters of the date that an injured worker returns to work, so that the appropriate documentation is filed to stop benefit checks. We only have seven (7) calendar days from the “Return to Work” date to file the Notification of Suspension with the state, which is a unilateral document that does not require the claimant’s signature. We will file the documents with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation on your behalf.

Pharmacy Benefits

Who is AWPRx?2022-06-08T14:31:48-04:00

MRM Trust ultilizes AWPRx for workers’ compensation claims pharmacy benefits. Please view the  prescription program forms for more information.

What should an injured worker take to the pharmacy?2022-06-08T14:32:42-04:00

All injured employees should take a copy of the AWPRx Member First Fill form with them to the pharmacy.


What is a Panel?2022-10-06T09:06:55-04:00

A Panel is a list of providers that must have at minimum six medical care providers on it, at least three of whom must be medical doctors. If you have a Panel in place, all injured employees are required to treat with providers listed on the Panel for the first 90 days (beginning from the first date of treatment) for all non-emergency care. After the 90 days expires, injured employees are permitted to treat with any physician/provider of their choice.

I have a Panel. Where should it be posted?2022-06-08T14:28:29-04:00

The Panel must be posted in an area visible to your employees, such as a lunchroom or another common area, and employees must be notified of its posting.

What should I do with the Panel Acknowledgement Form?2022-06-08T14:29:20-04:00

If you have a Panel, all employees must sign the Panel Acknowledgement Form:

  1. When hired,
  2. When a new Panel is implemented/posted, and
  3. At the time of injury
Who is Reli (formerly known as WorkWell)?2022-06-08T14:30:36-04:00

MRM is currently partnered with a company called “Reli” (formerly known as WorkWell) who assists with creating and updating Panels. Reli also provides medical care coordination services, including scheduling appointments as well as obtaining work status and treatment updates from Panel providers. There is no cost to the Member for these services.

While we encourage our members to utilize Reli’s services, participation is your choice and is completely voluntary. If you have agreed to participate with Reli’s services, please copy when submitting new claims via email, in order to expedite scheduling treatment.

In the event of a severe or emergent injury, send the injured employee to the closest Emergency Room or urgent care facility and have the employee tell the provider that it is a Workers’ Comp injury and to use their social security number as the claim number until a claim number has been assigned.

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