Member Advantages

  • Trust programs are customized to meet your unique needs.
  • Members have a shared motivation for cost reduction. Municipalities receive savings, in the form of dividends, from favorable loss experience.
  • Loss prevention programs and services help improve the Trusts’ performance through reduced losses.
  • The Trusts help members stabilize insurance costs, compared to traditional insurance.

The MRM Trusts provide specialized municipal insurance programs and services to local governments located across Pennsylvania. The Trusts help to reduce risks and costs so members can share in the financial benefits of the program, along with offering essential and required insurance coverages, including Pennsylvania-specific coverage.

The Trusts are owned entirely by participating members and function solely for their benefit, providing unique and valuable financial benefits. There are over 400 members located throughout all regions of Pennsylvania.

The MRM Trusts enable Pennsylvania municipalities and authorities to pool their resources so they can cost-effectively meet their workers’ compensation and property and liability insurance requirements.


MRM WCTThe MRM Workers’ Compensation Pooled Trust is a proven, long-term solution for managing municipal Workers’ Compensation costs.

It is administered and serviced by professionals with experience in municipal law and local government risk management and offers eligible entities a complete managed care program designed to reduce costs, risks, and return surplus funds to members in the form of annual dividends.

It is a self-insurance pool, operating per the provisions of Act 44 of 1993 and Act 57 of 1995. It is administered by a nine-member Board of Trustees. Workers’ Compensation basic limits are statutory/$2,000,000 Employers Liability.

PLT MRMThe MRM Property & Liability Trust offers a wide range of essential and required insurance coverages, including Pennsylvania-specific coverage. It is designed to provide property, automobile, general and excess liability limits at competitive premium levels. In addition, its loss prevention, inspection and claims handling services help to reduce risks and costs so members can share in the financial benefits of the Program’s annual dividend payments.

It is a group property and liability pool that operates in accordance to Act 180, the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, and the Pennsylvania Political Sub-division Tort Claims Act. It is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees.

Lines of coverage include Property Liability, Employment Practices Liability, General Liability, Property Liability, Automobile Liability, Automobile Damage. General Liability limits up to $10 million are available. Other municipal lines of coverage, such as Public Officials and Police Professional Liability, are available outside of the MRM Property & Liability Trust, in order to protect the overall claims performance of the Trust, since these claims are not covered by the caps set forth in the PA Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act.



Underwriting is performed in-house. New prospective members are examined thoroughly for claims experience, loss exposures, financial status, management capabilities and political stability. Our underwriting process is stringent since the experience of the whole can be impacted by the losses of a few.


Loss control services are provided by experienced loss control engineers, which include a nurse and industrial hygienist. Our loss control programs are completely municipal in focus, providing our members specialized expertise and support. Extensive training programs are also available as part of our loss control services.


Claims are handled quickly and expertly with both in-house management and support services by a third-party administrator. To contact our claims staff and for more about the process, view the Claims page.


Legal services, including appointment of counsel, are managed by the MRM Trusts.