Providing Long-Term
Value to Members

Joining the Trusts connects you with a network of support and ever-evolving resources — and as a member, enables you to influence its strategic direction in order to progress into the future.

MRM Membership

Membership Advantages

membership eligibility

Membership Eligibility

We are a collection of hundreds of Pennsylvania public entities who understand that working together we can achieve more for our communities.

Prospective members are examined thoroughly for claims experience, loss exposures, financial status, management capabilities and political stability. Our underwriting process is very stringent because the experience of the “pool” as a whole can be impacted by the losses of a few. MRM provides coverage for political subdivisions in various forms, including but not limited to:

  • Cities, Boroughs, Townships
  • Regional Police Departments
  • Municipal Authorities
  • Home-rule Municipalities
  • Council of Governments

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Meghan Graham

Director of Programs, MRM Trust

Suzanne Chybrzynski

VP-Municipal, HUB Three Rivers